SECRET TIP! This unusual ingredient makes your bolognese irresistible

Spaghetti Bolognese is one of our absolute favorite meals - no wonder, after all, the sauce is easy to prepare and tastes good to both young and old. We'll tell you which secret ingredient you can use to give the dish that certain something!
Almost every family has its own recipe for the perfect Bolognese, which is passed down from generation to generation. Whether with red wine or broth, carrots, celery, or special spices - the variations are endless! You might want to deviate from the traditional preparation method of your family recipe for once, though, because there's an unusual ingredient that makes it even more flavorful: Instant coffee powder.

Coffee powder for the perfect bolognese
Yes, you read that right! The tip was published on the website of the British supermarket chain Sainsbury's and has won many fans in no time. It's as simple as this: Dissolve a teaspoon of coffee powder in some beef broth, then mix it with the pasta sauce. Let the liquid simmer briefly and continue to prepare the bolognese as usual. This gives the dish more depth of flavor, but the coffee flavor doesn't come out too strongly. Also, the tart flavor is said to be an ideal counterbalance to sweet tomatoes.

Note: Freshly brewed coffee is unfortunately not so good for the bolognese, because it tastes too bitter. However, you can of course try to cook it very mildly and mix only small amounts into the sauce if you don't have instant coffee at home.

This spice completes your Bolognese
In ours, user Fairyqueen swears by another secret ingredient: she flavors her Bolognese with a pinch of cinnamon at the end! As an alternative to ground cinnamon, you can also simmer half a cinnamon stick in the sauce and refine the dish in this way. In contrast to the coffee variant, this preparation is also ideal for children. However, you should use the spice sparingly so that the cinnamon flavor does not dominate the bolognese too much.


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