ZOODLES Green pasta alternative with addictive factor

Zoodles have made it to our favorite pasta alternative in no time. We can't get enough of them and love to experiment with zucchini noodles.
No wonder, because the vegetable noodles from zucchini contain hardly any carbohydrates, are extremely low in calories, and bring virtually no fat. Spaghetti can pack up there!

At the same time, zoodles are also insanely versatile: There's actually no pasta sauce that you can't make with zucchini noodles. Whether zoodles with tomato mince sauce, zoodles with carbonara, with tomato or parmesan sauce, with Bolognese or simply with homemade pesto - there are no limits to your creativity with these low carb recipes.

Favorite recipe: Lemon Zoodles with Feta
Our favorite recipe with zoodles, however, is much simpler: per serving, process two large zucchini into zucchini noodles with a spiral cutter, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan, squeeze out the garlic, sauté briefly in the oil, add the vegetable noodles and let everything cook for a moment. Important here: the zucchini should remain nice and crunchy - or "al dente", to use pasta jargon.

Now comes the highlight: Squeeze 1 organic lemon and add the juice to the pan, dice 1 package of feta cheese and add it as well. Season everything with a little salt, pepper and Mediterranean spices and enjoy. Takes no more than 10 minutes - I promise!

Making zoodles yourself: This is how it's done
The easiest way to make zoodles at home is to use a spiral cutter. You can buy them for around 10 euros. So it's not absolutely necessary to buy an expensive device (e.g. from WMF), although they have their advantages, of course. The good thing is that you can prepare not only zucchini noodles with it but also any other type of vegetable noodles.

If you want to save the investment, you can go for "zucchini pappardelle" instead of "zucchini spaghetti". While a spiral slicer will turn the vegetables into thin noodles, you can also use a peeler to cut them into wide strips. This is also super quick and has another advantage: more sauce sticks to the thicker zucchini noodles, which contributes greatly to the appetizing flavor of the dish. By the way, a cylindrical vegetable slicer can also be used for zoodles.


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