LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT SPORTS Is that actually possible?

Lose weight without sports: What sounds like a mere dream of all spot muffle is actually possible. With our tips, the kilos fall into everyday life without any particular effort!
Losing weight without sports and strict dieting can actually be more than a dream - if you integrate a few small changes into your everyday life. But these should be much easier for a sporty person than dragging yourself to the gym three times a week. Sure, the pounds will fall off more easily, but even if you have the motivation to do sports - between your job, household and relationships, you often simply don't have the time for a regular and intensive workout that also allows you to lose weight around the belly.

Weight loss tips: Burning calories in everyday life
To lose weight without exercising, we need to fuel our calorie consumption in other ways so that we have a negative calorie balance at the end of the day - because only with this is it possible to lose weight. These weight loss tips can help:

Stairs instead of the elevator
Sure, it's pleasant to take the elevator up to the third floor to the office. Nevertheless, you should rather take the stairs - after all, you will already sit in the office for at least eight hours and not move. Climbing the stairs is an effective little workout to boost your metabolism.

Bike instead of a train - this is how you lose kilo after kilo
Instead of sitting cramped in the train with bad air, we should rather get on the bike to lose weight. This is not only an effective sport that burns calories; cycling also strengthens endurance. What's more, unlike many other sports, many people who don't like sports also enjoy cycling, thus boosting fat burning.

Eat healthily...
Losing weight without sports only works if you turn to the second major component for losing weight - the diet. You don't have to give up sugar and carbohydrates completely (you usually can't stick to such a diet anyway). But such foods should generally be less frequent on the menu. Instead, foods with a low-calorie density help you to lose weight. These include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish, and legumes. You can read all about calorie density in the Volumetrics diet article.  

...and above all eat a lot of protein
A protein-rich diet with lots of proteins supports fat loss. Accordingly, eat dairy products, lean meat, fish, and eggs as often as possible instead of foods full of carbohydrates.

Plenty of sleep - one of the easiest weight loss tips
During sleep, our body regenerates so that we can give full power when we are awake. Studies show that poor sleep and lack of sleep can make you fat in the long run - the feeling of hunger increases. Therefore, to lose weight without exercise, we should sleep around eight hours every night.

Avoiding small sins - away with belly fat
The cake that your colleague brought over, the gummy bears that are just sitting on the coffee table - there are lots of little sins that we find hard to resist in everyday life and that ruin all diets. Unfortunately, they add up and can make the bravest weight loss attempts fail. The only thing that helps here is discipline! If you can't completely do without everything, allow yourself one small sweet per day. This is something to look forward to in particular.

Weight loss plan: Small exercises in everyday life
This is also feasible for sports fans: Small exercises in everyday life not only keep muscles and joints fit but also wake us up in the morning. Particular fat burners are strength exercises such as push-ups or squats. The point is not to power through for half an hour, but to use free time wisely - for example, while the kettle is running or the food is cooking in the oven.

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