The 3 best SOS tips against back pain


Back discomfort can occasionally come on suddenly. Now prompt assistance is required, like with these easy tips!

Sometimes, all it takes is one mistaken motion before back pain starts to rise. Now that we know it, simple exercise—even a quick walk—is one of the finest treatments for severe back pain. But regrettably, the discomfort is frequently so intense that we can hardly move, much less go for a walk. So what do you do? We offer three straightforward suggestions that can relieve severe back discomfort.

Step positioning

The so-called stepped position releases the intervertebral discs and relaxes the spine. To do this, lie on the floor, bend your knees at a 90 degree angle, and place a chair or sofa so that your calves are resting on it horizontally. Make sure your lower back is firmly planted on the ground and that your back is not hollow. Breathe deeply in and out while remaining in this position for two to five minutes. To stand up, softly roll over onto your side.

Cat hump

Simply letting yourself hang limply helps to relax your muscles. The cat hump is the greatest position for this: arrange a cushion on a chair or other seat, sit on your stomach over it, and allow your head, arms, and legs swing down naturally on both sides. After only a few minutes, the muscles become looser from this.

How to relieve your back pain


Heat treatments are recommended for any type of muscle tension, including acute back pain. 

There are many variations here: A heat patch on the painful areas can help as well as a hot water bottle. Insider tip: One can accomplish a Hot stone Massage also at home easily. To do this, you collect a few oval, flat, large stones in advance in nature and clean them properly. If pain occurs, the stones are heated in warm water (about 55 degrees) for 15 minutes, rubbed with a little massage oil and then placed on the painful parts of the back. To do this, it is best to lie on your stomach and relax until the stones have cooled down.

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