This secret ingredient was missing from your scrambled eggs until now

Besides rolls, coffee and jam, there is one thing that should not be missing on the breakfast table: Scrambled eggs. But did you know that there is a little trick that makes the egg taste even better?
You all know the ingredients for a scrambled egg that serves its purpose on Sunday morning: Eggs, milk, maybe a little bacon and some herbs and spices to taste. But there's one ingredient that I guarantee you haven't used in your scrambled eggs yet, but it turns the obligatory breakfast dish into an I-can't-go-without.

So what's the secret?
This ingredient is so surprising because it has nothing to do with what we normally season eggs with. Yet it is usually found on the breakfast table right next to the plate with the scrambled eggs. So close - and yet so far away. Well, can you guess? It's the orange juice! The idea for this came from blogger Claire of The Kitchy Kitchen. It's a family recipe that she borrowed from her Aunt Ree.

Here's how you prepare the perfect scrambled eggs
At first, you want to disagree with her and say, "You can't make this; you'll ruin breakfast." But then you try it and can hardly believe how much the orange juice changes the scrambled eggs. It adds a sweet, fruity, refreshing note to the breakfast classic without making you taste the orange juice. That's because there are just two tablespoons of juice per five eggs. Apart from that, you prepare the scrambled eggs as usual and only add the orange juice right at the beginning. So simple - and yet such a great effect!


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