LOUD STUDY This is the best time for you to do sports


Which camp do you belong to: Do you prefer to do your workout in the morning or in the evening? A study has now investigated which time of day is more effective for exercise - with surprising results.

The larks among fitness fans often prefer to do their exercise session right after getting up. They feel fittest in the morning and can motivate themselves best for training. However, if you don't get your energy high until midday, afternoon, or even evening, you'll want to schedule your exercise session for later if possible. But what time of day is best for a workout?

The study examines the effects of different workout times

A U.S. research team addressed this question as part of its study. For the study, it followed a total of 56 healthy and fit people - including 30 women and 26 men - for twelve weeks while they exercised and examined them.

However, the researchers could not find a clear answer to the optimal time to exercise. First, there were differences between the female and male participants in the study. It also depends on what kind of sport you want to do and what effect you want to achieve.

What is the optimal time to exercise?

The results of the fitness study suggested that morning exercise can help women reduce belly fat and regulate their blood pressure. Men who want to combat high blood pressure appear to be better served by rolling out their exercise mats in the evening, according to the study. They can also counteract exhaustion with a workout in the evening. To strengthen their muscles, women should also complete their sports program at the end of the day.

However, the scientists do not have a clear explanation for their findings. Dr. Paul Arcerio is the lead author of the study and therefore says: "The best time to exercise is the best time for you and for your schedule". After all, exercise is fundamentally good for our health - regardless of when exactly we exercise.

Science is split.

There are other studies on the topic, but they don't add any new information. According to one study, early exercise may affect our circadian rhythm, which regulates our sleep-wake cycle. This study suggests that night owl who consistently exercise right after waking up will become more fit in the morning.

Another study found that exercising in the evening increased muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance more than exercising in the morning.

As you can see, the studies don't really make sense. Exercise regularly is the most crucial factor. It's up to you when you perform your exercise routine specifically. Just give it a shot once you feel better. for you - and, above all, when it works better for you to fit your workout into your day. After all, it's not always about improving performance, but about doing something good for our mental and physical health.

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