Get toned upper arms with these 5 easy exercises


Are you also annoyed by flabby upper arms? These five simple exercises will help you define your arms - and they're easy to do at home!

Many women struggle with so-called angled arms, where the skin hangs rather flabby down. The reason: on the one hand, the general weight, on the other hand, the skin quickly loses elasticity over time, especially on the arms. Fortunately, no one has to settle for that if they don't want to - there are simple exercises that women can do to get firm upper arms. And it's easy to do at home!

Five easy exercises for toned upper arms

With these tips your upper arms will become real eye-catchers:

1. arm and leg lift

With this simple exercise you train not only your arms, but also your legs and back. Get into a quadruped position and extend one arm and one leg in opposite directions - for example, the left arm and the right leg. Make sure your back stays straight, hold the pose for about five seconds and breathe deeply in and out. Then switch sides.

2. half moon rotation

The so-called half-moon rotation focuses on the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Stand straight with your legs slightly open and extend your arms out to your sides. Rotate your hands so that your thumbs first face the ceiling, then rotate your arms until your thumbs point straight ahead. Perform the rotation 30 times, making sure your arms stay truly extended.

3. lateral raise plank

If you want to do something not only for your arms, but also for your shoulders and back, the lateral lift plank is just the right exercise for you. To do this, start with a side plank: Lie stretched out on your side, then brace yourself over your elbow and feet to lift your body off the ground in a straight line. Then extend the other arm up into the air. Advanced exercisers can also hold a weight like a small dumbbell with the outstretched arm.

4. triceps overhead lift

This workout truly works your arms! With your legs slightly spaced apart and a small dumbbell in each hand, take a tall stance. One arm should then be raised straight overhead, bent behind your head, and then raised again. To keep the arm straight, support it with the hand on the opposing side. Do not draw your shoulders up and keep your muscles tense at all times. You should use greater weight in the exercise as your arms get stronger.

5. Pushups using a ball

Here is a fantastic advanced upper body exercise, finally! Lay on your stomach in plank position and raise yourself off the ground using the tops of your feet and forearms. Put one hand on a ball and press the other hand firmly into the ground. Then descend a little, then raise yourself back up, like doing an unusual push-up. Try performing five push-ups overall per side.

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