With these 9 tips you lose weight even without much exercise

 Lose weight without sports: What sounds like a mere dream of all spot muffle is actually possible. With our tips, the kilos fall in everyday life without any particular effort!

Losing weight without sports and strict dieting can actually be more than a dream - if you integrate a few small changes into your everyday life. But these should be much easier for a sporty person than dragging yourself to the gym three times a week. Sure the pounds tumble then easier, but even if you have the motivation to exercise - between job, household and relationships also often simply lacks the time for a regular and intensive workout, which also allows slimming on the belly.

Weight loss tips: Burn calories in everyday life

In order to lose weight without exercising, we need to fuel our calorie consumption in other ways so that we have a negative calorie balance at the end of the day - because only with this is it possible to lose weight. These weight loss tips can help:

1. escalators in place of stairs

Sure, it's lovely to ride the elevator up to the office's third story. But since you'll be sitting at the office for at least eight hours with little movement, it's best to take the stairs. An efficient small workout to increase your metabolism is climbing the stairs. Make sure you exercise as well, perhaps by going for a quick stroll during your lunch break. Additionally, it aids in digestion!

2. Ride a bike instead of using the train to reduce weight in kg.

To lose weight, we should ride a bike rather than endure the stifling confines of a crowded train with poor air quality. Cycling not only helps you lose weight, but it also improves your endurance. What's

3. eat healthy...

Losing weight without sports only works if you turn to the second big building block for losing weight: the diet. A complete renunciation of sugar and carbohydrates is not at all necessarily (one does not hold out such a diet mostly anyway). But foods with a lot of calories should generally appear less often in your meals.

Instead, foods with a low calorie density help you to achieve a slight calorie deficit and thus lose weight. These include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish and legumes. You can learn everything about calorie density in the Volumetrics diet article. Need some ideas for recipes? No problem: You can find low-calorie food here, for example.

Also make sure that you always eat more than your basal metabolic rate. This is the energy that the body needs at rest to maintain its vital functions. The basal metabolic rate varies from person to person - but many calorie counting apps now offer the option of calculating it.

4. ...and above all eat a lot of protein for satiety.

A high-protein diet with lots of protein and few calories supports fat loss, makes you feel full quickly and prevents cravings. Accordingly, eat meals full of dairy products, legumes, with lean meat, fish and eggs as often as possible instead of calorie bombs full of carbohydrates. Extra tip: Take your time eating and make sure to chew each bite well. 5.

5. hands off crash diet

Numerous diets guarantee rapid weight loss. As with other ideas, this is only effective in the short term; however, as soon as you discontinue the diet, the pounds start to creep back on. The JoJo effect wishes you well! Long-term dietary changes and self-supplementing with all the vitamins and nutrients you require make more sense.

6. drink water

We can't stress this enough: Only people who drink enough water and give their body the right amount of fluids can speed up their metabolism and, as a result, lose weight. Additionally, drinking a glass of water before a meal can hasten the onset of satiety. Two to three liters of water every day make sense, especially if you want to lose weight without exercising. Juices or soft drinks with calories, on the other hand, should only occasionally be offered on the menu.

7. a lot of sleep - one of the easiest weight loss tips.

During sleep our body regenerates so that we can give full power when we are awake. Studies show that poor sleep and lack of sleep can even lead to weight gain in the long run - the feeling of hunger then increases. Therefore, to lose weight without exercise, we should sleep around eight hours every night.

8. avoid small sins - away with the belly fat

There are many small sins that we can hardly resist in daily life and that wreck all diets, such as the cake that the coworker brought or the gummy bears that are just on the coffee table. Unfortunately, they build up and can undermine even the most valiant attempts at weight loss. If you want to lose weight properly, only discipline will work here. Treat yourself to one small sweet each day if you are unable to entirely refrain from all sweets. On these, one anticipates them with great anticipation.

9. weight loss plan: Small exercises in everyday life

Also feasible for sport muffle: Small exercises in everyday life not only keep muscles and joints fit, but also make us awake directly in the morning. Particular fat burners are strength exercises such as push-ups or squats. The point is not to power through for half an hour, but to use free time wisely - for example, while the kettle is running or the food is cooking in the oven.

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